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Dr. Khadem speaks at the EGADE business school in MTY presenting his new book, Total Alignment
New book on Total Alignment is released in the US market
MSNBC interview taping with Dr Khadem for broadcast on JJ Ramberg show
Coming soon - New & updated version of Total Alignment in English by Entrepreneur Press
Dr. Khadem speaks to the families of owners of LIVERPOOL, Mexico's major retailer, on culture, collaboration and alignment.
Entrepreneur Press in the US contracts with Riaz and Linda Khadem to publish a new version of Total Alignment with focus on entrepreneurs.
Dr. Khadem speaks to UNAB executive team in Bucaramanga, Colombia on cultural transformation through Total Alignment.
Infotrac, Inc.
Atlanta, GA USA.
Experience of CEOs during Implementation of Total Alignment
Riaz Khadem Plenary Address to Congress of Top Directors in Spain - Part 1/2
Riaz Khadem Plenary Address to Congress of Top Directors in Spain - Part 2/2
Riaz Khadem Address at the World Forum for Management Students 2012
Riaz Khadem
Total Alignment Experience at Arian Construcción, Spain (Manuel Ayerdi)
Riaz Khadem - Intereconomia - Barcelona Spain
Excerpt of talk given by Dr. Riaz Khadem at Intereconomia - Barcelona Spain
Riaz Khadem Intereconomia Part 1
Riaz Khadem Intereconomia Part 2
October 21, 2008
Riaz Khadem


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